July 14, 2016

Public Warning: Rubberband Robbers!!!

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Picture Source: Kim Fleming Cernigllaro

 Thankfully, we are making more advancement in technology that is making us feel more secure and help protect what we work so hard for.  However, there are people out there that are not willing to do the whole 9 to 5 honest day's work to get what they need or they just cannot get a job and have to go out there and take what other people work for.

I do feel bad for those that are just stealing to live, however, there are others that are stealing and robbing to do more than just survive.  In addition, just like any other criminal, these robbers are getting smarter and trying to outwit people.

Just recently, I found a post about a woman using her personal experience to warn other people about what the new trend robbers are using to gain access to your house.  Texan resident, Kim Fleming Cernigllaro was home alone one day and heard loud knocking at her door.  Because she was alone she did not answer the door and after a while, when the coast was clear, she opened the door to see if whoever was at the door left something.  Nothing was there; so on her way back into her house she noticed that there was a rubber band wrapped around the latch and handle of her door.  Therefore, of course she called her husband who instructed her to get their gun and keep it on her.  When she talked to her local police, they told her that robbers have been doing this rubber band technique to gain access to their victim's house.  Apparently, once they wrap the rubber band around the door and you unlatch the lock on your door, they don't have to wait for you to open the door, they can just barge in.  (Click here to check out the article)

So, if you happen to have a similar door, you may want to change it.  In addition, it might be even safer to not answer the door at all unless you know who is at the door.
  To end my rant this week, I just want to say, I think this is one of those positive benefits of social media....warning us to help better protect ourselves and what is ours.

-Rambling Holly

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