July 28, 2016

Questioning Humanity: All Lives Matter

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If you have been a reader of Ramblings Thoughts for a while now, you would know that I have published many discussion pieces on police brutality.  It seems to be never ending, there is some terrible injustice of police ending an person's life unjustifiably.

Just recently, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were victims of police letting their badge go to their head.   Alton Sterling was thrown to the ground and after a couple of minutes with two officers on top of him, Alton Sterling, an unarmed man, was shot point blank in the head.  Philando Castile was pulled over and after the officer asked for the typical license and registration, Castile told the officer that he in fact had a concealed weapon license and that there was a weapon in the car.  The officer then fatally shot him.

Question Humanity: All Lives MatterOf course after every incident when it makes headline news, the victim's past is brought up.  'Oh they were a menace to society before' or 'oh they had run-ins with the police before'.  We are all taught that people change and I am not saying that everyone changes for the better all the time but just because a person has a past does not mean they do not deserve the benefit of the doubt.  It is perfectly fine to be cautious but there is a big difference between caution and what these officers are doing.  These officers have absolutely no respect for any ones' lives when they could just kill men in cold blood.

I am obviously not the only one that has a problem with officers acting as if they have the right to end someones' life that didn't deserve it.  The flood of videos on social media where officers are mistreating or hurting citizens can be overwhelming.  But people are sharing these videos so that we the people will stand up and fight for what is right.  There are plenty of protests just recently for these acts of injustice.
Question Humanity: All Lives Matter
I am all for peaceful protesting, taking a page from the great Martin Luther King.  These injustices can not be resolved with more violence.  There was one peaceful protest where this woman who was nonthreatening was violently manhandled and arrested for protesting.  This is against our right as Americans, however, we will have an easier time defending a peaceful protester and getting the results we are seeking when we are not using violence or causing damage to property.

Causing damage to property is where I am having the biggest issue with all this injustice.  By no means is this acceptable for officers to take lives of people that did nothing wrong at the time of their death but why would we the people make those deaths by in vain by destroying property or with more violence.  I agree that there are plenty of officers out there that should not be in their uniform, however, there are some men and women in blue that are good officers.  Some of those good officers are losing their life due to the violence occurring because of those despicable, disgraceful officers.    
Question Humanity: All Lives Matter
Just the other day, Black Lives Matter supporters vandalized a confederate war cemetery.  I understand being mad and I understand the confederate war being centered around racism, however, those in the cemetery gave their life for something that they may or may not have believed in.  We all know that when war is declared, you don't always get to decide whether or not if you want to fight in the war, let alone what side of the war you are on.  More importantly, people have to realize that was our history....whether you feel it was good or bad history; it is still our history.  We, the people have to own our history because that is how we grow as a society.  When you vandalize a piece of history, that happens to be a cemetery, you are saying that history doesn't mean anything and that "Black Lives Matter" more than any other lives.  Well, I am a proud supporter of ALL LIVES MATTER!!!  Whether you are black, white, brown, man, woman, cop, doctor or animal....ALL LIVES MATTER the same amount!!!

Come on y'all...don't let this divide us as a society.  Now is a time for all of us, of all races, join together and fight the injustices peacefully.

-Rambling Holly

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