July 21, 2016

Super Teacher: Truly Uplifting the Students

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Many of us all agree that a teachers' job is absolutely the most important one there is out there.  They not only have to teach them the material to help them succeed in the next grade but they also have to teach children skills for life...perseverance, determination, leadership, cooperation, and loyalty just to name a few.  There are many teachers even buying their students supplies with their own money.  And we all know that unless these teachers are working in the private sector...they are grossly underpaid.

There are some teachers that are just there for the job and that is unfortunate but there are other teachers that end up being superheros to their students.  They end up making a major difference in a child's life.  Then there are those extraordinary teachers that really go above and beyond to make sure their students succeed.  Like this one teacher here in Maine that told her students when there was a bullying issue, that they may only have her as a teacher for one year but they will have each other for 13 years and they have to stick together and protect each other.  And I personally think teachers like this need to be praised and their story needs to be plastered all over the internet...their story needs to go viral.

With that being said, once again I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed the other day and came across this amazing story.  One of those exceptional, superhero teachers teaches fifth grade students at Evergreen Avenue Elementary.  Her name is Chandni Langford and she has a special way of uplifting her students to help them succeed.  Just like most fifth graders, her students have to go through 4 highly stressful days of core testing.  Studies have shown that some students cannot handle all the pressure and stress which makes them fail to have high test scores even if they know the material.
Ramblings Thoughts: Super Teacheer: Truly Uplifting the Students

Ms. Langford decided to do something to help her students start off their test day in high spirits.  She gave them each a pep talk that they could read.  She took the time to write personal messages to each of her students....on their desks (in a dry erase maker).  She did say that she found the idea of the personal messages from another teacher on pinterest.  But the personal messages helped her students, one student even went on to say that she was feeling nervous on the morning of the first day of testing, but when she read her message, her fear went away because she knew she could do it.

What an awesome idea!  Chandni Langford took her time to write 19 personal messages for her students, more than likely on her own, unpaid time.  I remember when I had to go through major test days and how nervous I was.  I wish I had a teacher that did that for me.  Chandni Langford is one of those teachers that should be getting paid an hefty salary.

What are y'all's thoughts?  Do you know of a teacher that should be mentioned and her or his story should be shared?   

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-Rambling Holly

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