February 8, 2017

Local Eateries: The Super Great Wall

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Ramblings Thoughts, Review, Chinese Buffet, South Portland, Maine, Beware, Food PoisoningI have said before this is a new year, which means a better Rambling.  With that being said, I am adding a new part to the blog....I am going to be honoring where I live....Maine.  I will be doing this by reviewing local eateries that I happen to eat at.

I have already reviewed on place right here in Westbrook, Maine that makes my Love list and that is the Catbird Creamery, which is current being sold.  However, they have great ice cream (click here to check out the review).

Local Maine Eateries: The Super Great Wall ReviewThat review was my first attempt and was all written.  I am going to move forward and continue reviewing local restaurants but I will make it a video review.

Local Maine Eateries: The Super Great Wall ReviewSo, onto this week's review....The Great Wall in South Portland.  It happens to be a chinese buffet at an affordable price.  There are many dishes to choose from such as beef and broccoli, general tso chicken, crab ragoons, spring rolls, chicken on a stick and they even have a hibachi grill and sushi bar.  They have a salad bar, crab legs and some american food like pizza and mac 'n cheese.

This has been my family's favorite since we moved back up here from Florida almost 7 years ago.  There have been many birthday dinners and other celebrations we have had there.

Local Maine Eateries: The Super Great Wall Review
So, what is my review on the Super Great Wall?  Is it worth the adult lunch price of about $12 and dinner price of about $15?  Check out the video below to find out my thoughts.

-Rambling Holly

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