March 17, 2017

Tip of the Week: Vicks Warmer Trick

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I don't know about y'all but this year has reeked havoc on my body....I honestly think there was about 2 months where I was sick with one cold or another, got better, just to get sick again.  But it is that time of year.  Ugh....the dreaded cold and flu session.

If there is one thing that I absolutely hate about being sick with the cold is not being able to breathe at night.  Heck, I have talked about this before in my review on Advil Sinus & Congestion (click here to check it out).  When I can't breathe through my nose, I become that dreaded mouth breather and wake up with Sahara Desert mouth.  Not to mention, I get jealous of all those that walk around able to breathe through their nose.

Now, there are plenty of products that propose to help you get through or over your cold...and let's face it some of them work, some don't....but they all came be pretty pricey.  Vicks, however, has always been one of those go-tos to help with your breathing.  Now, you don't have to buy Vicks, but any off brand to save you some money that works just like Vicks vapor rub.

Personally, I hate the smell.  I think I always have, but it could be because it is associated with being sick and trying to get better.  Not only that, I cannot leave the stuff on for too long because it causes a very painful rash and then dries out my skin.  So, not only am I walking around sounding like a zombie because of my mouth breathing but then I have red patches of scaly rash nastiness.  UGH!!!!

Well, I found the cure to my problems and because it work so well, I wanted to pass on the great tip/trick.  Get yourself a candle wax warmer....and add the vapor rub to the tray.  Place the warmer close to you and you will be able to breathe in the mentholated medicine and get a good night's rest!!!   

-Rambling Holly

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