March 15, 2017

Top Paw Butterfly Plush Dog Toy

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So, if y'all follow me on Instagram or even Facebook, you would know that not too long ago, I got a new member added to my household.  He was an 8 week old teacup Pomeranian, that I named Kioki (Key-O-Key).  This little bundle, and I do mean little (he was just under 2 lbs when I got him) fit right into my family immediately.  He plays with his brother and sister (On/off and Silky, my two cats) and he makes it a point to make every person in my life feel special with puppy kisses that are more like puppy facials.  I am even lucky enough to be able to take him to work where not only does the staff spoil him but my residents get a huge kick out of having him around.

To be completely honest....having him at work has brought the stress level with the staff members down so much.  I mean, come on, who could be upset when that tiny fluff ball starts dancing at your feet for you to pick him up so he can give you some love.  He has been great therapy....even if it is just loving at his silliness like face diving into the snow and then making 'Kioki Angels' in the snow.

With him bring so much joy into my life and my loved ones, I do tend to spoil him (just like I do with my kitty babies).  I buy him the better dog food and better treats.  I have even become one of those dog owners that dress their dog.  Ugh...what has happened to me?!

Now, it is only natural that I would buy him toys for him to play with....whether it is for playing with him or something he can play with to keep himself occupied.  So, about a month ago I was at PetSmart picking up dog food for him when I spotted this cute butterfly toy.  Now, I know he is a boy but it was on clearance, squeaked (which he loves) and I just love butterflies, so I got it.  I ended up paying just a little over $2 for mine but now has them for $1.18!!!

So, was it worth the $2?  Did it just fall apart or tear after a few good chewing/playing sessions?  Is it safe for tiny Kioki and other small/teacup dogs?  Well, click the video below to find out and see Kioki's first video appearance.

-Rambling Holly

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