March 29, 2017

Walmart Beauty Box Subscription

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I am sure y'all have seen all the different subscription boxes out there that offer products being sent to your home ever so often for a fee.  If you haven't, what the heck????  Have you been living under a rock?

Most of the subscriptions boxes are geared towards the female consumers with boxes that offer makeup, fragrances, athletic clothes and misc. woman health and beauty products to try.  The idea behind these boxes is to be able to try products before buying them, so the boxes tend to be filled with sample sizes and coupons.

I am telling y'all....a BUNCH of companies have jumped on this subscription box trend.  Especially the beauty box trend.  I guess there are plenty of beautiful ladies out there, like me, that wants to see all the new products coming out and want to be able to try them before we drop our hard earned money on the full-sized product.  Ladies, let's face can be expensive to look as good as we do.  Hair supplies and equipment, make up, fragrance, clothes, skin care products, shoes and accessories all can break the bank.

I personally was not going to subscribe to any box because I have companies contacting me to review their products but I feel that I at least need to check out one subscription box to see what it is all about and of course, to see if it is worth the money.  So, I finally decided to subscribe to the Walmart Beauty box.  It cost $5 shipping for every box and you get 4 boxes a year (seasonal).

So, what do I think of the boxes?  Is it worth the $5 for each box?  Is the products worth trying?  What are some of the products that come in the boxes?  Well, y'all know the the video below to find out what I think about the Walmart Beauty Box!!!

-Rambling Holly

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