May 3, 2017

Sponsed Post: Useful Decor Ideas For Your Home

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This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links

When I go shopping, I always check out the home decor section of each store. So many decorations I see are completely useless and I always wonder why people would want to spend money on them, but of course, to each his own! I started thinking about it and there are so many useful decor items out there that would help you, your guests and your household, so I wanted to help you out by coming up with a list. Check it out below:

Useful Decor Ideas For Your Home

I have candles everywhere in my house. They not only look good, but they smell even better. When I have candles lit around the house, it makes my home feel more inviting and also clean. If you put them in candle holders, or decorate around each candle, it gives it an extra touch and will fit in with your other decor more compared to a plain candle. One of my favorite ways to use candles is for a table setting. If you are trying to have a romantic dinner, add a few candles and dim the lights. While searching Pinterest, almost all of the pictures under “romantic dinner tables” include candles and flowers.


Blanket Basket
Blankets are so important to have sitting around for house guests, but having too many blankets everywhere makes your house look cluttered and can even make you uncomfortable when they start falling on you while you are sitting on the couch trying to relax. Adding a wicker blanket basket by your couch, or an upholstered, soft basket to bedrooms is a great way to keep your blankets put away neatly, while adding a piece of decor to your home.

Herb Box
Having an herb box in your home is an amazing way to add a pretty home decor piece while also being able to eat your herbs that you grow. According to Wellness Mama, there are quite a few health benefits from eating herbs and spices, and growing your own is definitely ideal.


Cork Holder
If you are a big wine drinker, having a cork holder can be a great item to add to your home! If you think about it, cork holders reduce (a small amount of) trash, so you are not only getting a useful decor piece out of it, but you are also keeping your household green, even if it is only one cork at a time. There are so many different options for cork holders - I have seen some on walls, some that sit on the ground and others that are small enough to sit on the counter - I think this is all about what you prefer.

Coat Rack
Coat racks used to be pretty plain and then they went out of style for a while, but they are back and better than ever! If you search around, you can find very pretty coat racks that will add some character to your home. Sit the coat rack by the door that most of your guests come in - this way, they can always drop their coats, hats and bags when they first come in the door and you will not have to worry about them sitting around.

A quality sword is an amazing option to have mounted on your wall and it has a few great uses! Not only does it add a conversation piece to your home that your guests will talk about, but it also adds a self defense option. Not all swords are “quality,” though, so make sure you do you research on where you purchase yours from!

Swords of Northshire sells many hand forged and battle ready weapons for your use. On top of battle ready swords, they also offer knives and collector’s replicas, as well, so if you are a movie or video game fan, be sure to check those out! Customer service is their top priority, so you always know that your sword or knife from Swords of Northshire will be the best product out there. If you do not know much about swords, do not fear! They make it very easy to answer all of your questions by providing a number for you to call, an email, and also a very helpful live chat.

Photo Credit: Swords of Northshire

House Plants
House plants are the best kind of decor piece you can have around. It is a proven fact that being outdoors reduces your anxiety and stress levels, so why not bring the outdoors inside? Not only do plants reduce anxiety and stress levels, but they will also add color to your room and they will purify the air. Don’t forget to research what the best plants are, recommended by NASA!

I feel like this might be an obvious one, but lamps have definitely become decorative pieces! A long time ago, people would use just any kind of lamp that worked, not caring about how they look. More and more, I see “styles” of lamps flooding the stores. This is an easy addition to your home that will add the perfect small touch and the good part is that updating your side lamps is not that expensive!


I hope this short list of useful decor ideas helps you out! Do you have a favorite decorative item that you have in your home? Let me know below and don’t forget to check out Swords of Northshire when you are in search for your next sword to mount!

Disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for this post written by Alex Berger.  Even though I am compensated for this post, I reviewed the material and found it to fit with the flow of this blog.

-Rambling Holly

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