December 6, 2017

Spoiling Your Pup: Bark Box Review

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There are a bunch of us out there that are pup parents.  You know who you are...the ones that treat your pups like your children.  They get to sleep with you or have a nice comfy bed of their own, you buy the healthiest dog food you can and you make sure your pup has treats and toys to chew on.  I know I am one of those people.

In January of this year I brought home my adorable Kioki.  He is a teacup pomeranian and is just a ball of fluff and energy.  I love how he smiles and plays with my mother's dog (a 150 pound German Shepherd/lab).  He is a sweet boy that loves attention but is a bit of a drama king.

With him being a purebred, I especially wanted to keep him healthy and happy.  Also, with him being a puppy I didn't want all my shoes and clothes torn up from his chewing, so I would go out and buy treats and toys for him to enjoy.  The only problem is he would much rather play with the cat toys and put his toys in 'safe keeping'.

So, 2 months ago I had the opportunity  (financially) to get a Bark Box.  I wanted to see what all the hype was about and I did want to spoil my little boy.

When ordering the box, they ask you what size your pup is...and because kioki is small...obviously I choose small and it costed $30 for the box.  It came in a matter of no time and had 2 toys and 3 treats in it.  And let me just tell you, Kioki goes crazy for just the box because of all the smells coming from it.

If you want to hear my full review, see what actually came in the box and see how Kioki on the video below.

-Rambling Holly

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