January 30, 2018

Must See: Organized 31's DIY Necklace Organizer

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Blogger Spotlight - Ramblings Thoughts shares fellow bloggers DIY posts

Some of y'all will remember that I used to spotlight fellow bloggers for their DIY projects that I just loved.  Well, I really like sharing other bloggers' work but also I like offering y'all some DIY projects even though I don't do them.  Personally, I think I would end up hurting myself if I was left alone with craft supplies and no idea what I was going to do with them.  I have no problem seeing someone else do the project and then copy what they did.  But to come up with my own DIYs would not go over very well.  So, I am just going leave that to the professionals and share their work for y'all to enjoy and make your own.

With it being January, most people already know that the trend for January is not only fitness but also organization.  Both of which interests me so much but I do not do nearly enough.  Being pregnant, I am still looking into fitness regimes that would be save for me and baby.  However, organizing is something that I really do want to focus on now more than ever.

Personally, I think when everything is organized and planned, your life just runs a whole lot smoother.  You are not missing anything important and you are not running around your house tearing things apart trying to find something that was right under your nose the whole entire time.  (I hate when that happens because then I have to go back and clean up all the stuff I tore apart just to find that one item.)

The only thing with organizing things, is if you just go to the store and buy all your organizing stuff, it can take it's toll on your wallet.  With it being right after the holidays, no one really wants to fork out a bunch of money just to organize all their stuff that they have.  That's why it is always better to make up your own organizational items.

For women, we have a bunch of items that can be organized such as, shoes, scarfs, makeup, and necklaces just to name a few.  Necklaces are something that can be a bit of a pain to have if you are not properly organizing them because they can tangle, which can be super frustrating.  If they don't tangle, they can when you have to dig around for that one necklace that you are looking for to complete your look.  Well, I found the blogger that has fixed this pesky little problem with a cheap DIY.

To-Do: Organized 31's DIY Necklace Organizer - Check out this cheap and easy DIY necklace organizer.

Susan, over at Organized 31, shares her $5 DIY Necklace Organizer.  She brilliantly takes four cheap items and combine them to make a wonderful organizer for your necklace that not only keep them from tangling but also allows you to showcase them and easily see every necklace at once.  So, what are you wait for, click on the link above to check out how to make your own necklace organizer.  While you are there, like Organizer's social media accounts to stay up to date with all her organizing posts. 

-Rambling Holly

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