February 8, 2018

Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Nourishing Body Lotion

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For those of you that have been with me for awhile will know that I have skin issues.  The winter brings the worst out in my skin.  I have extremely dry scalp that I current treat with a number of different shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins.  Then I have severe dry patches of skin that drive me insane and make me feel very self-conscious.

Sometimes I swear my skin hates me.  My elbows get so dry that they get scaly like an alligator and they even catch on my clothes and it hurts.  Then me shins get dry and itchy.  Apparently they get so itchy that during the night, in the middle of my sleep, I scratch and dig them.  This leaves my poor legs looking like hamburger meat.  This is definitely not cute and it leaves me wanting to keep my body covered up, even when I am home with my hunny.
Video review on this premium body lotion, is it really worth the money?

This winter has been worse for my skin.  I personally think it is due to the little stubborn bundle of joy that I am currently carrying (you will find out why I call the baby stubborn in a future post). However, I thought when you are pregnant, your complexion is flawless and you face glows.....that is clearly not the case for me.  Since finding out that I was expecting, I have been battling with extremely severe dry patches on my face on and off again.  One patch ends up forming right under my nose and the other patch forms right under my bottom lip....so they are very noticeable and make me feel very self-conscious when I go out in public or when I want to kiss on my hunny.

So, when the patches first appeared, I quickly started using a variety of different lotions because none of the lotions that I used, worked.  Not even the two different lotions that my mother makes that always takes care of my dry patches.  I was desperate because not only did the patches look bad (or at least I feel that way) but they also hurt.  They were extremely dry, which made my skin crack and sores to form.

Then I stumbled across a sample tube of Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Nourishing Body Lotion!   Upon reading the tube, it promises all the right things that I need....clinical skin care that is "mega-effective" to "instantly soothes and nourishes dehydrated skin".  Ulta has a 8 oz tube for $18, however, my mother found that Amazon has the same size for cheaper!!!! 

That is a steep cost for lotion, especial for someone like me that is just trying to make sure all my bills are paid!  Does it even work on my severe skin problems?  Does it actually work as it says to?  What are my thoughts on this expensive lotion?  Watch the video below to find out!

-Rambling Holly

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