February 6, 2018

Signature Prenatal Vitamins

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So, we all know that after a long time of false hopes and let downs, the timing was finally right and I am currently expecting my very first bundle of joy!  Now, my hunny and I were definitely not planning on becoming pregnant, however, now that we are....we are excited.  As the days go on, we get more excited and anxious at the same time. There is so many preparations to get done.

Review on Shaw's brand of prenatal vitamins and Shaw's pharmacy.

Preparing for a baby entails a lot and anyone that has a child knows this.  It is not just about the items that you need, such as, cribs, diapers, clothes, and bottles.  There are the slew of doctors appointments and labs (where it feels like they are going to suck you dry of all your blood).  Then there is the diet change to ensure that you are eating healthy for not only you but now your baby.

On top of all that, you also have to start talking prenatal vitamins.  So, as soon as I got the positive blood test back announcing that I was expecting, my doctor put in a prescription for prenatal vitamins and I had to pick them up at my local Shaw's pharmacy.

My pharmacist ended up convincing me to get Shaw's brand (Signature) prenatal vitamins, where I was able to get 100 tablets for under $10.  But was it worth it? Does it provide me and my baby with the much need vitamins we needed?  And why did I go with a different vitamin than what my doctor prescribed?  Watch the video below to find out.

-Rambling Holly

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