April 6, 2018

Money Saving Tip: Facebook Marketplace and Groups

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Everyone likes to save money (or at least I hope so)!  But what happens when you need household items, furniture, a vehicle, or even a certain service?  I know I still don't really want to spend a bunch of money.  I work hard for the money I do have and even though I want to enjoy the better items in life, I don't want to go broke paying for them.
How to save money with Facebook Marketplace and Groups

The only solution to this is to do some digging around trying to find the best deals at the stores....or is it?  Facebook finally came out with a marketplace where people like you and I can post our unwanted items for a given price in order to sell it to other "facebookers".  Most of the time, the person selling the item will price it but will also put 'obo'.

If you would like to narrow your search efforts, you can also search Facebook groups for any "online yard sales" in your town/city.  I am a member of several groups for not only the town I live in but any other town or city that I would be willing to travel to for a given item.  And let me just tell you, I have saved so much money thanks to these groups and the marketplace.  I have even received advice and pointers from just asking questions.  For example, I just recently asked one group where I could go to have a baby shower that was not going to break my boyfriend and I.  You would not believe the response I got and I actually ended up going with one of the places a person suggested.

My boyfriend happened to have a very bare apartment when I met him.  The poor guy had his 60 inch tv sitting on a kitchenette table with the box the tv came in on top of the table to make it wide enough to hold the tv.  On top of that, he only had a few cheap folding chairs available as seating for his living room.  Now, let me say this, he is not a person that didn't care about his home, he just didn't have the time to furnish his place.
How to save money with Facebook Marketplace and Groups
Clearly it is time for me to do a bit of dusting.

Then here I come.  My first step was to find him a proper stand for his tv.  When I started looking for something, he then informed me that he would like for it to have extra storage space.  Well, it only took maybe about a week, but I ended up finding the perfect piece.  It only cost him $40 but not only does it hold his tv safely but it also adds more storage in his bedroom.  There is a bit of wear and tear on the surface of the stand, however, if it was really a big issue (which it is not), I can fix it with some sanding and a fresh coat of stain (or cover it up with a cloth).

How to save money with Facebook Marketplace and Groups

Then, I had finally had enough of not really being able to enjoy his living room (plus the fact that we are welcoming a child in the world soon) because the chairs are hard and not all the sturdy, I talked him into letting me look for living room furniture.  As soon as he gave me the ok, I went full force on searching for a loveseat and chair.  It just so happened to be that time of year when most furniture stores were having there sales but even then he would have paid $200 for a chair and about $300 or more for a loveseat.  So, trolling Facebook marketplace and my online yard sale groups I went.  This search took a little bit longer because I didn't want something that was torn and he said that we could not get something from a home that had smokers or pets (due to his allergies).  However, after about a month, I ended up finding the perfect loveseat and chair for only a total of $175 and it came with an ottoman for the chair.  So, now not only is his apartment looking a lot better these days, my pregnant self can finally lay down in the living room with my boyfriend next to me in the chair and watch a movie without having to do it in the bedroom.  He loves having a 'man of the house' chair.

***A tip to remember when buy second-hand, always see what you are buying before you buy it but also, check that item for rips or tears or (and let's face the ugly truth) bed bugs.***

-Rambling Holly

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